How to Create Free Virtual Number For Telegram

How to Make a Telegram Virtual Number

In today’s digital age, having a virtual phone number has become increasingly important, especially for individuals and businesses that rely on social media platforms for communication and marketing. A virtual number is a phone number that is not associated with a physical SIM card, and it can be used to make calls, send messages, and receive calls and messages. Telegram is one such social media platform that allows its users to use virtual phone numbers.

A Telegram account allows you to communicate with individuals all around the world. Telegram is where people who have your phone number may find you. You can use a virtual number that does not identify you while creating an anonymous Telegram account.

You might wish to falsify your identity and fool people into thinking you’re from a specific location. You might also want to have a separate Telegram account. In this blog post, we will explore how to make a Telegram virtual number and its importance.

What Is the Meaning of a Telegram Virtual Number?

When you don’t want to identify your actual phone number with your Telegram account, you can add a virtual number instead. A SIM card is not required for the virtual number. But, depending on the supplier, it can receive SMS and phone calls. You can get a virtual number from a service and use it to sign up for Telegram.

When you do this, a verification code will be provided to the number, and when you enter it, your Telegram account will be linked to the virtual number you used. Telegram only needs your phone number for verification. As a result, using the virtual number to verify your Telegram account allows you to continue using your account normally.

Virtual numbers are not free, and you must choose the country code for the virtual number you wish to use. You can access any shared SMS to the virtual number after purchasing the virtual number and logging into the virtual number provider’s dashboard.

Choosing a Virtual Number Service Provider

Before setting up a virtual number for Telegram, you need to choose a service provider that offers virtual numbers. There are several providers available, and you should research and compare them to choose the one that suits your needs. Factors to consider when choosing a service provider include pricing, availability of numbers in your country, ease of setup, and customer support.

One popular virtual number provider is Telos. Telos offers virtual numbers in more than 100 countries worldwide and provides a user-friendly platform for setting up and using virtual numbers. Another popular provider is Hushed, which offers virtual numbers in over 40 countries and provides various features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and text messaging.

Setting up a Virtual Number

Once you have chosen a service provider, you can set up your virtual number for Telegram. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up a virtual number for Telegram using Telos:

  1. Download and install the Telos app on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and sign up for a Telos account.
  3. Choose a country and area code for your virtual number.
  4. Select the type of number you want (local or toll-free).
  5. Choose a virtual number from the available options.
  6. Confirm your purchase by entering your payment information.
  7. Open Telegram and go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone Number.
  8. Enter the virtual number you purchased and click on Next.
  9. Telegram will send a verification code to your virtual number. Enter the code to verify your number.

Using the Virtual Number for Telegram

Now that you have set up your virtual number, you can use it on Telegram to make calls, send messages, and receive calls and messages. When you make a call or send a message using your virtual number, it will appear as if it is coming from a regular phone number. The advantage of using a virtual number on Telegram is that you can protect your real phone number from unwanted calls and messages, especially if you are using Telegram for business purposes.

Tips for Using a Telegram Virtual Number

Here are some best practices for using a Telegram virtual number:

  1. Keep your virtual number private: Do not share your virtual number with people you do not trust, especially if you are using it for business purposes.
  2. Use a strong password: Make sure your Telos account password is strong and unique to prevent unauthorized access to your virtual number.
  3. Check your balance regularly: If you are using a pay-as-you-go virtual number, make sure you monitor your balance to avoid running out of credit.
  4. Use call forwarding: If you are unable to answer calls on your virtual number, consider using call forwarding to redirect calls to another number.


Having a virtual number for Telegram can be beneficial for both individuals and businesses. By using a virtual number, you can protect your real phone number from unwanted calls and messages and maintain privacy. When choosing a service provider, it is essential to consider factors such as pricing, availability of numbers in your country, and customer support. Setting up a virtual number for Telegram is easy, and you can start using it immediately after purchase. By following best practices such as keeping your virtual number private, using a strong password, monitoring your balance regularly, and using call forwarding, you can ensure the safety and security of your virtual number.

Moreover, virtual numbers are not limited to just Telegram. They can be used on various social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. This means that you can have a different virtual number for each platform and keep your personal and business communications separate.

In addition, virtual numbers can also be useful for international communication. If you have friends or family members living abroad, you can purchase a virtual number for their country and use it to make calls and send messages without incurring international calling charges.

However, it is important to note that virtual numbers may not work for all purposes. For instance, some online services, such as online banking and verification services, require a physical SIM card to verify your identity. In such cases, a virtual number may not be accepted.

In conclusion, setting up a virtual number for Telegram is a straightforward process that can provide numerous benefits, such as privacy and security, international communication, and separation of personal and business communications. By following best practices and choosing a reliable service provider, you can enjoy all the advantages of using a virtual number on Telegram and other social media platforms.

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