The 20 Best Notion Widgets

The 20 Best Notion Widgets
The 20 Best Notion Widgets

Notion, a versatile productivity tool, has taken the digital world by storm. Its flexibility, combined with an array of features, allows users to create customized workspaces tailored to their needs. One of the key elements that enhance Notion’s functionality and aesthetic appeal is widgets. Widgets in Notion act as powerful building blocks, enhancing user experience and productivity. In this blog post, we will explore the top 20 Notion widgets that can transform your workspace, making it more efficient, visually appealing, and user-friendly.

Understanding Notion Widgets

Widgets, in the context of Notion, are dynamic components that can display various types of content, such as databases, calendars, to-do lists, and more, within your Notion pages. These widgets provide real-time information and interactive elements, making your workspace more engaging and informative. With widgets, you can create visually appealing dashboards, track project progress, and manage tasks effortlessly.

Criteria for Selection

Selecting the best Notion widgets involved careful consideration of several factors. Usability, design, user reviews, and integration capabilities were some of the key aspects taken into account. Each widget chosen for this list excels in functionality and has garnered positive feedback from the Notion community.

The 20 Best Notion Widgets
The 20 Best Notion Widgets

The 20 Best Notion Widgets

1: Clock Widget

There is a better way if you rely on your phone for the time or don’t enjoy squinting to see the little numbers that tell the time on your computer.

Some Notion users spend a significant amount of time managing projects and lists and would benefit from having rapid access to a clock. The Indify analog Clock widget allows you to set the time zone and drag the clock’s borders to raise or decrease the time in real-time.

2: Retro Clock Widget

A normal analog clock widget might not be appropriate for your Notion page, thus WidgetBox provides a beautiful digital retro clock widget.

You are not limited to changing either the background or text color. Instead, you can completely customize it and instantly incorporate it into Notion. This widget will give you the time and day while also complementing your decor.

3: Weather Widget

A nice weather widget can add professionalism to your Notion page. You may check the current temperature in your area, keep an eye on the weather forecast, and make preparations appropriately.

The Indify team has designed a basic weather widget that will complement the Notion page design. All you have to do is copy the link they provide and put it onto the desired Notion page.

4: Weather Round Widget

If the weather widget mentioned above isn’t your cup of tea, WidgetBox has another fantastic choice to consider.

Their widgets are really beautiful and provide a plenty of customization choices. You can modify the widget’s background color, text, borders, and even its diameter.

5: Countdown Widget

As the name suggests, this widget is ideal if you’re looking forward to an event and want to build excitement with a countdown.

It could be a cherished friend’s birthday, a work function you’re looking forward to, or a long-planned vacation that begins in a few days. The Indify countdown widget counts down the months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes till the major event on your Notion page.

6: Google Calendar

A well-designed calendar is essential for staying organized while working on your Notion dashboard. Many people rely on Google Calendar to keep track of their work and personal obligations.

You may now have the popular calendar app as a widget right on your Notion page. You can customize the calendar’s appearance and embed it in Notion.

7: Spotify Widget

Do you like to listen to music or podcasts while you work? Adding a Spotify widget, on the other hand, will be a game changer.

If you already have a Spotify account, this may be the logical next step. Having your favorite Spotify playlists right there in Notion eliminates the need to hop between tabs to skip tunes or change playlists while working.

8: Apple Music

Apple Music is another popular music streaming service. Notion customers who have a platform subscription can take advantage of the Apple Music widget for Notion.

You may go to the Apple Music website, select a playlist, and then copy the embedded code from the Share menu and paste it into a Notion page.

9: Whiteboard Widget

If you use Notion for project management, a whiteboard widget could be quite useful. When inspiration strikes, a whiteboard is an excellent place to brainstorm ideas and jot down random thoughts.

It is really simple to integrate a whiteboard widget into Notion. Simply navigate to Apption and copy the URL. This widget allows you to select pencils, brushes, and other common whiteboard tools.

10: Twitter Widget

Keeping up with viral tweets necessitates constant scrolling. Why not add a Twitter widget to your Notion page to notify you of tweets of interest instead of picking up your phone or opening a new tab on your browser?

You may stay up to speed on all the latest news and updates while working on other important projects. You’ll have access to your Twitter feed without having to interrupt your workflow.

11: Quote Widget

If Notion is the first app you open in the morning, an inspirational quotation may be just what you need to get you in the proper mindset.

When your productivity declines during the day, a quick glimpse at inspirational phrases placed on a stunning background can be just what you need. Consider the Quote widget by Indify if you’d want a quote of the day on your Notion page.

12: Pinterest Widget

A Pinterest widget for Notion might be useful if you enjoy daily encouraging quotations, as well as kitchen decor, pets, art, and everything in between.

Notion users who enjoy browsing Pinterest will most likely enjoy the images selected by the widget that correspond to their Pinterest account.

13: Calculator Widget

Your phone and computer both have calculators. But do you always have a cool-looking calculator widget for Notion at your disposal? Most likely not.

If you need to perform some computations, you don’t need to switch between apps. It can be both distracting and ineffective. However, you can utilize a calculator widget directly on your Notion pages to budget and keep track of your spending.

14: Unit Converter Widget

Are you making a recipe book with Notion? Then you’re probably always converting Celsius to Fahrenheit or dealing with the metric system.

You don’t have to open a new tab and search for these calculators every time you need to convert something if you have a handy Unit Converter widget right on your Notion page.

15: Greetings Widget

Every day, a fun and useful minimalistic and easy-to-use widget will greet you and provide you with the vital information you need to start your day.

The Greeting widget greets you with a good morning or afternoon (depending on when you open Notion) and displays the current day, date, and time. It’s not a fancy widget, but it will work with almost any Notion page you make.

16: World Clock Widget

Users of Notion who need to communicate with coworkers or clients in other regions of the world must be aware of time zones.

For example, if you’re in Chicago, you may not know what time it is in London, and you don’t want to send a time-sensitive message to someone who is sleeping. The World Clock widget can be useful. It is visually stunning and displays precise time in up to three different locations across the world.

17: Pomodoro Widget

Do you struggle with time management? The Pomodoro Technique has saved countless people’s lives. It improves time management and may be applied to any work.

It pushes you to work for 25 minutes at a time with a 5-minute rest in between. If it works for you, you can now integrate a Notion widget to improve workflow management.

18: Progress Bar Widget

Keeping track of your daily, monthly, or even annual goals might need a significant amount of effort and devotion. You can use the Progress Bar widget built for Notion to make things a little easier.

It might help you put the time you’ve spent on a goal into perspective and keep you on track with the plan.

19: Astro Charts Widget

This widget may not be for everyone, but many people will enjoy it. If you enjoy astrology and check your horoscope chart on a daily basis, the Astro Charts widget will be an excellent addition to your Notion page.

It may not appear to have any effect on productivity, but if your horoscope motivates you, it’s an excellent addition.

20: Giphy Widget

A hilarious GIF can brighten your day and get you in the mood to work on and manage projects.

Instead than wasting time scrolling through unlimited numbers of GIFs online, use the GIPHY widget to get a daily GIF. It will make your Notion page more interactive and enjoyable, and it may even spark your creative ideas.

How to Install and Use Notion Widgets

Installing and using Notion widgets is a straightforward process. To add a widget, simply click on the ‘+’ icon on your Notion page, select ‘Embed’, and paste the widget’s link or code snippet. You can customize the widget’s appearance and behavior according to your preferences. Experiment with different widgets to find the perfect combination that suits your workflow.

Benefits of Using Notion Widgets

The benefits of incorporating widgets into your Notion workspace are manifold. Firstly, widgets enhance productivity by providing real-time information, reducing the need to switch between different applications. Secondly, they improve organization and visibility, allowing you to track multiple projects and tasks in one central location. Thirdly, widgets enhance collaboration by enabling team members to access shared information effortlessly. Lastly, widgets enhance motivation and engagement by creating visually appealing and interactive dashboards, making work more enjoyable.


Notion widgets are the secret sauce that can elevate your productivity game to new heights. By incorporating these dynamic components into your workspace, you can streamline your workflow, stay organized, and achieve your goals more efficiently. Whether you are a student, professional, or entrepreneur, Notion widgets can cater to your specific needs, enhancing your overall experience with the platform. Embrace the power of widgets and unlock the full potential of Notion today.

Additional Resources

For more information on Notion widgets and customization options, refer to the official Notion documentation. Additionally, explore Notion-related blogs, forums, and communities to connect with fellow users, exchange ideas, and discover innovative ways to optimize your Notion workspace.

Remember, the key to maximizing the benefits of Notion widgets lies in experimentation and customization. Tailor your workspace according to your preferences, and witness the transformative impact these widgets can have on your productivity and organization. Embrace the future of work with Notion widgets and experience a more efficient and enjoyable workflow.

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